Saturday, 27 February 2016

Additional Waters From 1st April 2016

After a vote at the 2016 AGM, we are excited to announced that we will be joining the Fisher Green Consortium as of the 1st April 2016.

SLMDAA was voted in at the Fisher Green Consortium during their AGM, so we have secured a number of tickets from the consortium for a year starting on the 1st April 2016 until the 31 March 2017.

Fisher Green's waters (river and stillwaters) in the Lea Valley, have a reputation for some very big fish indeed including barbel, bream, carp, chub, perch and pike to name a few, so it is ideal for the specimen angler who is willing to travel.

Here are the waters available to you once you have the additional consortium ticket

  • The Old Lea River (open from June 16 to 15 March)
  • Th Cornmill Stream (open from June 16 to 15 March)
  • The Flood Relief Channel (open from June 16 to 15 March)
  • Seventy Acre Lake (open all year around)
  • Hook Marsh (open all year around)
  • Langridge Pit (open all year around)
More details of the fisheries can be found here

If you do wish to fish these waters, you must be a current SLMDAA member and then you can apply to the SLMDAA club secretary for an additional consortium ticket.

The consortium have their own club rules & regulations, so please ensure you understand and obey them when you fish the waters.

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