Association Membership Rules

    1. Sudbury and Long Melford District Angling Association will be known or referred to by using the word Association for the purpose of the rules
    2. It is the responsibility of every member to ensure that they have a copy of the Association rules and that they are up to date versions which must be strictly adhered to and no member may be allowed to claim exemption under a plea of ignorance of the same. The Association constitution is available for members to look at from the Secretary
    3. Any angler found breaking any of the association rules while on Association fisheries will be reported to the committee and the committee will take appropriate action
    4. No person may light a fire on Association fisheries without written permission for the Association Secretary
    5. No litter is to be left on any Association fishery. Any angler with litter in the swim they are fishing is responsible for the litter and they will remove all the items after their session and will dispose of the rubbish in the proper manner
    6. No unattended rods with baited hooks are to left in the water or on the bank of your swim,
    7. No dogs are not allowed to be taken onto the following fisheries
      1. Rushbrook Lake 
      2. Boxford Lake (when livestock is in field) dogs are to  be kept under control on a lead
      3. Dogs are allowed on our fisheries where the public has a right of access, but must be kept under control.
    8. No person is allowed on to any fishery controlled by the Association with a firearm or instrument designed to project any type of projectile, other than a proper groundbait catapult or throwing stick. Snares, traps or other instrument that may be used to endanger wildlife or other person are not allowed on any association fishery
    9. No person shall park a caravan or pitch a tent on Association controlled fisheries without permission of the secretary. No bivvies’ to be pitched on the river for more than 48 hours
    10. Live baiting allowed subject to EA by-laws
    11. No angler will use a gaff, lip grip or gag on association waters
    12. No junior member (under seventeen) shall fish during the hours of darkness, unless accompanied by an adult member
    13. No juniors (under seventeen) will be allowed to fish unless accompanied by an adult member.
    14. No fish are to be removed from an Association fishery, unless for the purpose of live baiting, subject to EA By-laws
    15. Devices that play music volume are permitted on the fisheries with an earpiece, this is for the peace and comfort of other anglers
    16. Members will enter and leave the fisheries by the official entries and exits laid down by the committee
    17. Carp 5lb and over are not be kept in a keep net or carp sacks, unless in a club match.
    18. A maximum of three rods may be used on association waters, subject to individual fisheries rules and the angler processing the correct EA rod license.
    19. Camping of any description (Tents, bivies etc) is not allowed on the Crofts, Mill Meadows or North Meadows, Brundon or Kings Marsh
    20. Unhooking mats to be used on Association fisheries
    21. Suitable landing nets, keep nets, and weight nets for the intended species, are to be used by all anglers
    22. Pike and Zander anglers must use a wire trace, minimum 18”length, main line is to be 15lb BS or more
    23. No anglers shall enter any fenced-off area on Mill Meadows for fishing until the 1st August  of each season
    24. There will be no fishing from the convent bridge to the gates of the floodgate weir pool on the left had side for either junior or senior members.
    25. No one under the age of twelve (12) shall fish the Common Lands i.e. Brundon, Mill Meadows, unless accompanied by an adult rod license holder or adult Association member
    26. Night fishing is allowed on Rushbrook lake and Joes Road Fishery if you hold the additional Association night ticket
    27. Pike fishing using dead or livebait is not allowed on any Association water between the 1 April and 31 September
    28. No alcohol  or drugs on any Association fishery
    29. Rod licences to be produced when asked by Association bailiffs
    30. All juniors will be accompanied by an adult member, fishing from the same swim.
    31. No foul or abusive language
    32. No bait boats on any Association fishery
    33. Additional fishery restrictions may apply
    34. The Association committee reserve the right to bring in additional fishery rules on fish welfare grounds

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