River Section Guide (part 1)

Brundon Mill & Mill Meadows

Off of Melford Road near the zebra crossing, there is a lane going down to the river. Its a busy footpath and narrow, but you can drive down it with care and there is a car park on the left hand side. To is a your right is a big weir pool, which is home to many species. To the left out onto the meadows is a long stretch of meadow bank, that is quite deep in places, with lovely overhanging trees on the far bank.

Please do not cross the bridge at the far end as it is all private lane. You can walk all the way down to mill meadows for a really long stalking session.

Priory River Section

Proceed down Quay Lane which is off of Friars Street, Sudbury. Go past the Quay Theatre to the end of the road and go onto the railway walk and then turn right. You can enter the fishery by going through the gate on the left hand side about 50 yards down the footpath.

The section goes to the left to the old railway bridge, down to Quay Cut It also goes right to the Seven Arches rail bridge. This is a cracking section both in the summer and in the winter, with all the usual river species plus some lovely tench.

Kipling Meadows

Located just upstream of Brundon Mill. This section is deep in parts with good cover under the trees. Lots of fish are visible along the stretch from the footpath bridge. Big chub, roach, and carp along with dace shoals can be targeted along here. Parking is on the Chaucer estate opposite the footpath to the river. Please do not park opposite the house gateways. Go down the footpath and over the bridge to get to the fishery. You can go left to a ditch, which cannot be crossed. Alternatively go right and fish to the end of the field.

Friars Meadow

Lots of dog walkers and picnickers, but fishing early and late don't pose a problem. Park either as for the priory stretch or in the Station carpark (pay & display) and walk over the meadows. Although its a open stretch , it has always held a good number of fish. It is ideal for the roving angler travelling light. This section is just below priory and is on the other side of Quay Cut and runs down to Ladies Island. The River is on the far side of Cut Meadow.
Wrights & Gatehouse

Two quite different stretches of river although they are adjacent to each other. From Sudbury head out of twon towards Halstead. Go over the Ballington Bridge and turn left at the traffic lights signposted for Henny. Follow the road, until it goes into a section with high banks and a treelined tunnel. As you leave the tunnel, it become open farmland and you will see a track on you left hand side. Follow this down to the river (good firm track) and park near the river. There is a fantastic that weir pool (Cornard Lock) and a long section of river (down stream) leading to a double bend has been famous over the years. Due to this section being gated, these sections can no longer be fished on a day ticket as of the 6th July 2020.

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